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5 Things To Know About VIDNAMI! You NEED To Know This Before Purchasing!

Updated: May 29

Firstly, What is Vidnami? What are some important things to know?

Vidnami is a fully automated and powerful video creator that lets you create professional, stunning and captivating videos.

The best part is you don't need any coding or technical experience. You don't even need to touch a camera. Amazing!

I remember when I was looking for an automatic or automated video editor, I couldn't find anything that would suit my needs. Then after weeks and months of searching I found Vidnami. It was the perfect match for me because I barely have to do anything and it produces the most organized and elegant videos. It also has with many features and components that are adjustable and very easy to use.

1. Vidnami Is A Power-House For Creating Stunning Videos

The Vidnami AI software will automatically create a stunning video from your existing blog post and /or script.

The software will also choose the best copyright free images and videos to match the words in your script while customizing your text to match perfectly. Vidnami also has multiple AI Voices that can read your script so that you don't have to. There are many premium music tracks to choose from and the option to upload your own music too. After the whole process is complete you can download your video in HD 720p resolution or Full HD 1080p resolution.

At anytime if you want to follow along for yourself, here is a 14 Day Free Trial

2. Vidnami Has So Many Options!

Options over options over options. Vidnami does all the work for you but it is also fully customizable. From the templates to the music and from the clips to the colors, you can customize it all.

Vidnami has:

  • 790,000+ Storyblocks Video Clips

  • 125,000,000+ Royalty Free Images

  • 30,000+ Premium Music Tracks

  • 170+ Stunning Video Templates

  • 30+ Popular Fonts

  • Multiple Video Sizes Too!

3. Vidnami Is Risk Free

To elaborate more on the words "Risk Free", you can have a 14 day Free Trial without having to pay anything. That's literally golden! With this Risk Free 14 Day Free Trial you'll be able to experience most of the things that Vidnami has to offer right away. Sit back and watch Vidnami do its thing! It's actually so exciting especially if you've been looking for an automated like this Vidnami for months and months.

4. No Coding Or Technical Experience Needed

Since I'm already an editor I fully understand that each software has a learning curve. When it comes to Vidnami the learning curve is very basic. As long as you can read then you're good to go (with the fact that you are reading this article right now shows that Vidnami would be perfect for you lol).

Another reason why I love Vidnami is because it can help you to:

  • Increase your sales and make more money.

  • Generate more subscribers for your email list.

  • Run your entire content marketing strategy.

  • Sell your product, offer, or service.

  • Increase your business visitors.

5. Vidnami Is Amazing For Bringing In New Clients And Customers

There are various types of stunning videos that you can create when you use Vidnami:

  • Sales videos.

  • Content videos.

  • Property videos.

  • Influencer videos.

  • Instant ad videos.

  • Training or course videos.

With various types of templates you can choose the one that best fits your business.

There are also different video sizes that you can choose from including landscape, vertical and square. It's adjustable for the many social media platforms we have now a days.

You don't need to show your face, learn to code or spend 2+ hours finding copyright free footage for each video. It's all done for you. Even though I know how to use advanced editing software, I still use Vidnami to create professional, stunning and captivating videos.

If you want to experience the joy of using Vidnami, try the 14 Day Free Trial.

It's going to be life changing for you and your business.