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Is Vidnami Worth The Price? You NEED To Know This! How Much Does Vidnami Cost?

Before we can justify the price we need to know what we’re getting.

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1. Create Unlimited* Videos

Vidnami allows you to create unlimited videos while the competition can be restrictive. This is also available in all the pricing plans. Now that we know we aren’t limited to only 10 videos a month or 20 videos a month we can freely create all the campaigns we want.

2. Over 790,000+ Storyblocks Video Clips

Yup, this number is correct. Just wait till you see how many royalty free images are available.

There are so many free video clips that are available at your fingertips. These images are provided from Storyblocks; a trusted and dependable subscription resource that provides amazing royalty free stock footage. This is all free for you with each Vidnami plan.

3. Over 125,000,000+ Royalty Free Images

Yup, this number is also correct. With high quality images at your disposal you can create amazing and stunning videos. These images are also provided from Storyblocks; a trusted and dependable subscription resource that provides amazing royalty free stock footage. This is all free for you with each Vidnami plan.

4. Over 30,000+ Premium Music Tracks

Music is an important component to creating awesome videos so it’s also important that you have a good large selection of music tracks at your disposal. Vidnami also allows you to upload your own music and edit it the way you like as well. It’s actually pretty comprehensive which is really nice.

5. Over 170+ Stunning Video Templates

Each brand has their style, colors, design, appearance, portfolio, vision and voice.

This is why having over 170+ customizable video templates is a great start to making your videos the best they can be. And let’s not forget the Vidnami AI software does it all the hard work for you. Amazing!

6. Over 30+ Fonts

Each font has its own voice and tone which communicates the vision of the brand. By having multiple fonts available it makes it easier to not be stressed.

7. Auto Intelligent Video Clip Selection

This is literally my favorite feature from Vidnami. I used to pick every single video and image one by one. You’d think that it only takes like 10 mins but that’s the kicker, it can take upwards of 2 hours to get the footage then edit them individually. When I found out that vidnami can do this for me I immediately fell in love.

With a few clicks Vidnami selects, arranges, edits then customizes your requests so that it matches what you’re looking for. Remember how we have over 125 Million high quality royalty free footage on demand, it means you never have to worry about being copyrighted because that’s already taken care of. Amazing!

8. 14 Automatic Text-To-Speech Voices

Voice Overs Complete! You don’t need to do any voice overs yourself. That’s also taken care of. With each pricing plan you receive multiple voices to choose from. It’s amazing cause Vidnami provides you with everything you’ll need to create stunning videos for your business or brand.

9. Automatic Sync Of Audio and Visuals

Videos are made up with audio and visual components. Vidnami takes both those components and automatically syncs them together so that you’re getting the best of both worlds.

10. Full Motion Backgrounds

While on the topic of visuals we also need to talk about backgrounds. Backgrounds are just as important the foreground because it sets the feeling that goes on subconsciously. By having full motion backgrounds it can enhance the viewer’s overall experience. This is a great additive to use for your videos and plus, the software is already automatically do it for you.

11. Landscape, Portrait and Square Videos

Vidnami provides multiple different video sizes so that you can effectively use your videos wherever you want. Video sizes are surprisingly very important especially when you want to properly optimize for the right platform. Vidnami gives you the advantage of multiple sizes right from the beginning.

12. Customizable Templates and Branding

Vidnami is known for being an Automated Video editor for creating amazing and stunning videos but it has the capability to be customized. From the templates to the music and from the clips to the colors, you can customize it all.

13. Upload your own Media

While on the note of customization Vidnami allows you to upload your own media and your own content to the mix. You can add your own images, video clips, music, voice overs and so much more. Vidnami is literally doing it all.

14. Automatically Bolds Keywords, Adds Ken Burns Effect, Adds Transitions & Animates Text

This is the beauty of Vidnami’s automated video editing software:

  • it will automatically bold the keywords so that your text and speech stand out.

  • it will automatically add the ken burns effect to the appropriate pictures and clips so that your video doesn’t loose engagement

  • it will automatically add transitions from one clip to another

  • it will automatically animate your text according to your project, scene and / or specific clip to best accommodate the viewer and their experience.

These are are only the first 14 reasons why Vidnami is so good at what it does. We haven’t even fully dove into everything but it’s an amazing start!

What Are The Different Price Plans?

This is another reason why I love Vidnami; It has a simple price plan.

  • Vidnami monthly is $47 per month (most popular plan).

  • Vidnami annually is $397 per year (the best value).

Just pick one or the other. As we have seen above we know that Vidnami is totally worth the plan and it’s actually a HUGE bargain.


For all my readers you will get Vidnami for only $35 a month. This is a lifetime offer and it can end at any time. So as long as you use this opportunity you’ll get a discount every month, forever.

Use this link to get the Free Trial and the $35 a month price.

You’re saving $12 per month and $120 per year with this custom discount.

* subject to our fair use limits

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